Thursday, February 17, 2011


Marathon of the month: Rock & Roll New Orleans. I hadn't given it much premeditative thought... but a friend did a good job of marketing a warm gulf-side event during what has turned out to be an epic winter wallop. This was my slowest roadie yet. I hadn't had an over 4-hour road marathon to my name, but I'm ok with it. I hadn't trained at all and am getting low on Prednisone. I can feel the soreness and fatigue creeping in, but no flare yet. So in the meantime, NOLA!

(compare this with 2 feet of snow at home)

Here I am posing with Scott Jurek. He was gracious to the long line of distance running geeks who waited to pose with him at the expo, myself included. I gave him a few race day tips, I hope he did alright.

Here is another gem from the day:

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