My Health Update

March 2012:  It has been just a little over 3 years since my diagnosis.  I have lived a lifetime since then.  I had about 2 years of solid recovery, well enough for me to rejoin my life as a marathoner, ultrarunner, and generally spunky 30-something. 

The past year has seen some ups and downs.  I began a flare in the spring of 2011 that took me back up to 20 mgs of Prednisone and the maximum dose of Methotrexate that my 120-pound body could handle.  I felt some emotional effects on the Prednisone, I spend parts of the summer and fall feeling unhappier than I should.  My CPK continued to climb at this point, and I switched to Leflunomide, which is known primarily as a drug for RA.  It seemed to do the trick, and my CPK's normalized enough to let me get back down to about 8 mgs of Prednisone.  However, they began climbing again in the spring of 2012, and am anxious to see what kind of trend seems to be happening. 

I will finally pull the trigger on trying to get authorized for a specialty clinic, which I should have done a long time ago.  Not looking forward to the great unknown of the insurance battleground, but I will learn as I go and hopefully have smooth travels. 

I continue to run, cycle, and be active as much as I can.  Some days are better than others.  I am not always up for a 20-miler or even a 2-miler.  However, I have had some glorious experiences on the roads and trails this past year that I am grateful for.  My wish is simple... for a lifetime of enjoying these types of activities that make me feel strong and happy, and enable me to live on God's creation to the fullest.  Thank you for reading my story...