Tuesday, July 5, 2011

On the up

CPK, that is. I clocked in somewhere around 350 this time, and I had been feeling it for a few months. The inflammation had been ramping up a bit, and I was starting to run a little hot. I had developed a rash on my face and hands, achy muscles and joints that were making it very difficult to be active on a day-to-day basis, and a swollen lymph node. I had lost a few steps, dialed exercise way down, and was feeling generally uncomfortable.

So for now, sweet relief. I love Prednisone. I hate it that I love it. But I feel so much better. Am in a better mood, have energy, am excited about tomorrow and the next day and the next month. Aches and pains go away like they should. Body parts don't hurt for no reason. My skin looks vibrant ahd healthy. It's hard to feel worried about being sick when I'm manic on steriods. I catch myself enjoying the feeling, but it's deceiving. The hell to pay is that Prednisone speeds up the aging process. A pleasant thought.

I am also wide awake (again). There was popcorn popping just underneath my eyelids when I tried to go to bed just now. I tried reading, but that activity seemed a little too calm for my racing mind and eyeballs. I don't think the computer will help, but at least it's more interesting than my bedroom ceiling.

Goodnight to most of you. I'll be up for a little while...

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  1. Hi K. I'm very sorry to hear about the downturn.

    You mention rashes, is your PM looking more like DM now?