Saturday, March 30, 2013


The last day of March 2013 is one I'm happy to see.  I've had better weeks than the last 2 months' worth.  I ended up not starting the Little Rock marathon, where I was supposed to be a pace group leader (which is one of the most fun things I've ever done).  I came down with some kind of cold/flu the week prior, and as usual, held my breath to see how that whole thing would turn out.  The last few illnesses that I've had have turned out to be severe and rather lengthy.  Upon getting over my initial disappointment at giving up my job at Little Rock, I soon began to worry about carrying on with obligations past that, such as my big annual work conference (NIRSA), and another trail event that I had really been looking forward to. 

In hindsight, I'm not sure that I could have finished the LR marathon.  I have been noting some signs of inflammation in the last few months.  For those wondering, here is what I feel:  1) My period stops.  Too much information, but I've noticed that when I'm getting a regular period, I'm generally healthy.  When it stops, there is something wrong in my body.  It has been this way since I initially got sick.  I didn't get a period for a year when I had my first PM onset.  It was a welcome return when it finally started again.  I haven't gotten a period in 3 or 4 months now, and started worrying that inflammation was coming when I first noticed.  2) Of course, this correlates with winter, but I have been getting Reynaud's symptoms in my hands and feet more than I do when all is well.  3) My eyebrows/eyelashes had filled in a bit during the last year, but have been thinning out again in the last few months.  4) The skin on my lips, hands, and feet feels constantly dry and tight (again, this correlates with winter, but it's more than what I feel is a regular winter dryness symptom).  5) I'm prone to nagging injuries, primarily IT band syndrome on my left side.  My body can't repair itself from normal wear-and-tear situations.  The IT band has been like a palpable thermometer for me over the last few years... it seems vulnerable to increased inflammation and lets me know when things are running hot. 

So, I didn't start Little Rock, but I did start 3 Days of Syllamo, which is a 3-day stage race in north-central Arkansas.  My favorite trails in the state.  The weekend was warm, which was a factor.  But I really dragged.  I ended up dropping about 10 miles in on the 2nd day with IT band pain, but also because I was generally really having trouble moving quickly.  Legs were churning, but nothing was happening.  Two weeks later, I am feeling fine on a day-to-day basis, but I have been resting, working in the pool, and trying to draw back to the basics of attentive self-care.  I'm not sure what would happen next if turns out that this is a flare.  Running a few miles today to see what it feels like.     

So... a little bit worried.  Then again, I worry alot.  :-)  Just holding here for a bit to see what shakes out. 


  1. Reading your successes with running really helps me stay motivated not to be afraid to do things. I just moved across the country with my young son & drove from WI to AZ! While it's catching up to me now, fatigue & pain, I do the same thing you're doing with watching my various symptoms to see what happens. I worry a lot about flares too, and especially with the stress I just put my body under, so I understand what you mean about seeing what shakes out. Hang in there, you're amazing!

  2. Thank you for reading! Most days are characterized by a delightfully routine grind of day-to-day life. The running part of it juxtaposes so contrastingly with having serious autoimmune disease. It's interesting to contemplate life with PM as an "athlete". It helps me to write about it. I hope you are well. Cheers!