Wednesday, October 26, 2011

October 26

I'm supposed to be working on a presentation. Instead I'm surfing and watching Rick Steve's Europe on PBS because tonight's World Series game got rained out. I ran tonight, it was one of those "there's no way", because: a) I'm so tired due to a monster week at work, b) it's the kind of mid-fall gray and damp day that makes you want to do something snuggly and indoors, and c) ... is it really that hard to think of more than 2 reasons to talk yourself out of a run? But I got out the door before I let my body-at-rest inertia kick in, and it was the right decision. It almost always is.

I had a funny thought. I can be a little bit geeked-out when it comes to what events I do, feeling the need to "compete" a bit too much, worrying about who else shows up, whether I can beat them, and why or why not. Sometimes I wish I didn't get so much validation out of it. I ran a local 10K a few weeks ago and had a fantastic race. I think it was a PR. And that's the hitch... I think it's a PR. I'm not sure. I don't write this stuff down in any kind of systematic way. And I wondered if I would regret not documenting my adventures better, in case they become part of a lifestyle that I can't have anymore someday. And then I think, nah, I'm kind of glad. I have a few pictures, and of course I know my PR in a few key distances. But for some reason, the 10K didn't ring a bell. And that's ok. Let's call it my attempt at balance.

Time to try another Prednisone taper. I seem stable so far on Arava, I'm curious to see how long it lasts. I'm just excited to get a steriod break.



  1. HI my sister passed away Aug 15th this yr with this disease. Prednisone was driving her crazy and so when she stopped that she deteriorated. I was in desperate search for a cure for her something and I found it only too late for her. please please look at my website there is HELP for you you don't have to suffer forever I pray you try this and get back your life. I know a woman who suffered with fibromyalgia for 8 yrs in pain and 2 weeks on Protandim her pain was gone now she too is selling it....or email me at and I will share more of my sisters story.

  2. lucky you, im still on prednisone... have to tried cellcept? im starting it tomorrow, and judging from other websites it stabilized CK levels, but the price is ridiculous...

  3. I can't believe you can run! You are so lucky! I can barely walk more than 20 feet. I was diagnosed in Feb. 2011 and have been on varying doses of Prednisone 60 mg - 100 mg, but my CK level has yet to drop lower than 1000 and the pain just won't quit. I recently started on Imuran, but no relief yet. I'm glad to have found your blog and I look forward to envying your running :-)